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SB Series

Versatile advanced SB6 series,covering from simply turning to complicated machining

  • New NC M70L(MITSUBISHI) built in
  • Facilitate complicated machining by C-axis of the simple belt
  • Enable selection of the best tool suitable for versatile application


NN-16SB6 series of its sophisticated mechanism,being combined with the latest NC(MITSUBISHI 70 series) built in,are easier to operate than ever,and improve precision and speed on machining. The 4 types are to answer your machining needs respectively. Type 1 is an appropriate machine for turning,and Type 3 is a multiple machine for complicated machining,which enables higher precision and speed. For each type,refer to the followings.

Safety System (Standard Equipment)
  • Coolant oil cut-off detecton
    Coolant oil cut-off detecton
    Stops the machine automatically when the pressure of coolant oil decreases below specified level.
  • Door safety interlock switch
    Door safety interlock switch
    Causes the main power breaker to trip and the power to shut down when electric cabinet cover is opened.
  • Lightning surge protection function
    Lightning surge protection function
    Protects electronic circuit from high voltage to shutdown noise such as lightning.
  • Auto power interception
    Auto power interception
    Switches off the power breaker on the machine automatically when the machine is stopped during the automatic operation for any reason.
  • Main spindle load detection mode
    Main spindle load detection mode
    Stops the machine detecting defects in the main spindle when standard load and actual main spindle load are different.
  • Cut-off tool breakage detector
    Cut-off tool breakage detector
    Stops the machine automatically detecting materials that cannot be completely cut-off due to the breakage failure of the parting tool.
  • Tap breakage detector(Option)
    Tap breakage detector(Option)
    Stops the machine automatically detecting broken tap while processing the edge face of the tap.

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